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Wise words from an Ecademist

From a Blog on Ecademy

Are your Photos Invisible?

LaptonTrying to show photos of that holiday, party, event? If, like me, you are a keen amateur photographer, you want to be able to show off your photos easily.

It isn't easy if you have to drag a laptop to your guests, load the program, find the viewer. In short on that computer they are invisible and inaccessible. (And if your my age a bit like those old 35mm transparencies you keep in your loft in spite of the fact that your projector has long since given up the ghost!)

How much easier it is look at a well printed album. And it is so easy - and inexpensive to do it yourself with OPUSalbums.

The economical yet smart "Print & Bind"

The really stunning "OPUS - wow what paper!"

And the natty photo accordion

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