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How I did laid out and printed our 2011 Christmas Cards

We have just come back from sunny Florida and cold Niagara. Now Christmas is upon us and my wife insisted that we got all of ours done and out now. Good for several reasons:

-                You get cards into the post before the rush and they are more likely to be remembered.

print your own christmas card

-                It is a job done well before the Christmas rush

-                And of course for me personally, people can see what we have done with Innova paper and Dg Foto Art - and I can give you some tips.

-                She is the photo queen and I am the printing king!


Most inkjet card stock is either too thick to be fed through most inkjet printers automatically (the last thing you want to do is to hand feed every card!) - or it is too flimsy to stand up.


I used Innova Double sided Décor Paper. In spite of its being just 220gsm, it is stiff enough to stand well vertically or horizontally and has that 'quality feel' The colour rendering is excellent and whilst not usually an issue for Christmas cards, it is an archival paper. It fed well, but then the autofeeder started to play up when printing the reverse side even on an Epson Pro 4800. In hindsight maybe the Olmec 230gsm Archival Matte - which we used last year would have been a better (and less expensive!) paper but it has not got such a quality feel or stiffness. But nobody would complain.


Print your own Christmas card

I used Dg Foto Art for the outside - overkill perhaps, to use the widely used wedding album software - but I have it, and it has a good themed background. You can use Photoshop or a card program such as Greeting Card Factory. Don't use Word for the outside - you lose a lot of the picture quality, If you use Dg Foto Art, then PXLSoft Galleria has come up with some new templates for Christmas 2011 - as well as a range of 2012 calendars.


Print your own christmas cards

I put in two of my own pictures - a Sami reindeer herdsman (well one for the tourists!) from our summer trip to North Cape, and inside a photo of Ruth and myself overlooking the Niagara Falls. The later was edited in Photoshop and then positioned with Word on my Mac. As it is small the loss in quality is not perceived - and the Word reflection is a good effect.



The result was good. Now let's get 200 cards in the mail.   
So why not give our cards a try? - today.



Best wishes
Daniel Roberts

A5 cards (from A4)A5 Christmas Card

Innova Double sided decor (IFA-25)
Innova Semi Glazed (IFA-58)

6x6inch (15x15cm) Square Cards

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