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How much does a Photo Album cost to Produce a Presentation Photo Album Yourself

Albums with fotospeed unibind dg foto artI am often asked how much it costs to produce an album using the products that we have.  This varies enormously, depending on

  • The size and number of pages
  • The type of album
  • The paper used
  • Whether or not you have a continuous ink system

The following calculation assumes you have invested in:

Now let us take a ‘typical’ album of 15 A4 sheets – 30 pages – using the Unibind system

Of course we are assuming that you get your paper, covers etc from OPUSalbums.com!


Normally you would be using the Unibind Photobook cover.  These cost £69.50 for 10 (Plus 95p per cover if you a have a window and another 95p if you want metal corners.)



Say 16 sheets (allowing for some wastage ) of Innova Smooth Cotton High White 225gsm – our list price £26.70 per 50 sheets

Other paper examples (all double sided)

  • Tetenal 130gsm double sided matte £1.19
  • Tetenal 176gsm double sided matte £1.96
  • Olmec 250gsm double sided gloss - £6.39
  • Tetenal 280gsm double sided satin - £7.66
  • Innova 200gsm soft textured natural white - £9.54
Innova 210gsm Décor poster paper - £8.89




Say Pigment ink on Epson 2880 using a Fotospeed continuous ink system 40 pages @ £0.145 per page  With Epson original ink this would have been £0.80 per page – or £24!


OPUS discount

If you had bought the binding machine, Dg FotoArt Gold or the Fotospeed bulk feed system – or otherwise qualified for the 10% Gold discount



Typical delivery charge (averaged over an order)



VAT (maybe refundable)



Total cost including VAT and delivery


For a full outline of the cost of printing using a continuous ink system see our blogenjoy an album

Economics of a Continuous Ink System

You will see that this costs about the same as a factory produced album.  (Photobox charges £23.99 for a 26 page album*)

  • But with our solution you get
  • Immediate production - no turnaround time
  • Full control over the page layout - not tied to the supplier's templates
  • Much better reproduction (archival inkjet instead of laser) - if produced on a good printer with the right settings.
  • Thicker textured or sommoth paepr
  • The satisfication of your own handiwork.

* Photobox website Jan 2011

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