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Configure your own Unibind Covers

Configure your OPUS Photobook covers

The quick easy way to order OPUS Pics Book or UNIBIND Covers - at a good price too!

Configure your own Covers...

Select your cover size...


            Select the colour/finish ...             

                      Select the binding width ..

                              Select the viewing window - no charge for this!

                                 metal corners in gold, black, nickel, gun metal or copper  - FREE!                   

Order this way and your covers will be made up to order.  Delivery time usually approximately one week.


  • Orders must be in quantities of 10 covers per configuration
  • Remember up to 10% discount for OPUS Club members (existing customers)
  • 10% discount for members of Photo Clubs who have signed up to the OPUSalbums.com Photo Club scheme

How many pages per Pics Book?                  
The following is the number of sheets expected.  Of course this will vary according to the thickness of the paper.      
  3mm 5mm 7mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 21mm 24mm 30mm 36mm
Hard Back Book Covers * * * * * * * * * * *
Photo Book Covers * * * * * - - - - - -
Copier paper 25 40 55 75 100 130 160 190 220 280 340
Photo Paper 8-12 13-20 18-25 24-35 30-45 45-60 50-75 60-90 70-100 90-130 100-150


Pics Book/Unibind Photo Book Cover (Covers in Packs OF 10)

Pics Book/Unibind Photo Book  Cover (Covers in Packs OF 10)
Click to enlarge image(s)

Unibind Photobooks are hard bound and include a steel channel with a thermally activated adhesive that securely binds your documents in seconds. Furthermore, since OPUS Pics Books and Unibind Photobooks have a steel channel, they do not require crimping after the binding process is complete, and they enable you to add or delete pages simply by putting them back in your OPUSalbums supplied Unibind Docustyle, PhotoBook Creator or XU138 binding machine .

Configurable cover - supplied in packs of 10 units Order your Unibind covers the quick, easy and economical way. Select the cover size, colour, binding, window and corner required.

Price per pack of 10 units. Automatic discount for existing customers (OPUS Club and members of camera clubs with whom we have a discount scheme). 5% rreduction if over 5 packs.

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To learn all about the OPUS Photobook

UNIBIND THERMAL BOUND ALBUMUNIBIND THERMAL BOUND ALBUMMore than a Photobook - the OPUS Pics Book - Permanently bound books with that professional look. . Based on the Unibind Thermal book binding system you have perfectly bound photobooks.
*** With Olmec, Innova, and Hahnemühle papers and our software such as Dg Foto Art you have everthing to crete the best of photo story books for yourself, youf friends and your customers.

Now - What do you want to do?

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