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Dg Foto Art - The Ultimate Album Creation System

Create stunning imaginative, professional photo albums and collages - delight yourself and your clients using Dg Foto Art 

Dg Foto Art is the widely acclaimed Album and Collage design tool used by professional and amateur photographers and many album and photobook makers

  • Save time - what takes a day in Photoshop can be done in an hour with Dg Foto Art
  • Make better albums - charge more and sell more
  • Be in control - you are not tied to one album maker, and you can choose from our extensive library or design and manage your own templates*
  • And have a complete workflow system for the professional photographer*
Dg Foto Art is powerful – that is why it is acclaimed the most comprehensive and advanced suite to create wedding albums, calendars and more! 
Dg Foto Art is fast  so you spend more time with your camera and less on your computer. 
Dg Foto Art stands alone – so for most albums you won’t need Photoshop
Developed by PXL Soft whose album design software has been used by 2.5 million photographers to produce 12 million albums.
 and supplied byOPUSalbums.com -  a supplier who understands photo album making - both for profit and plesure, and shares its knowlege with you - the supplier of digital photo paper and print-your-own albums

If you are an existing Dg Foto Art user please click here for access to other products, more templates, support, replacement dongles, upgrades, training videos, and resources

Help line directly to the developers  UK - +44 (0) 121 314 4338  USA +1 646 383 8992  Australia +61 (0) 2 8206 2374 India +91 22 2879 4646

A*Dg Foto Art Gold only

Dg Foto Art Gold - for Professionals and Amateurs
for more click here
Dg Foto Art Essentia - for the Casual User
for more click here

More testimonials

What professional photographers say about dg Foto Art:

Beautiful templates - The templates are very beautiful and the software does not require any prior knowledge of any other photo editing software. 

With DG Foto Art I have increased my profit margin TENFOLD! With dg Foto Art I get more done, I sell more albums, but above all I can sell my albums at a 60% higher price compared with thePrint & Bind traditional one pictre per page design.  For more about Paul Callaghan's story click here

Powerful wedding photo album software.  The most comprehensive solution for creating fast & easy digital album pages. 

Great value "Worth every penny. What would take a day in Photoshop can be done in less than an hour with dg Foto Art.

Pictures come alive  - Other photographer's albums are all dull compared to what I present customers using dg Foto Art.

Great Customer Service  - absolutely the best customer support I have ever received. If I ever have a question, there is always somebody to talk with when I call.

A truely awesome piece of kit Dg Foto Art digital album designer allows colour management, image manipulation, over 1000 templates.  It’s saved us hours. 


From: Marilyn Taylor [mailto:mltaylor@gmx.co.uk]
Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 2:41 PM
To: daniel@opusalbums.com
Subject: Re: DG Foto Art

Hi Daniel

 I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Essentia FotoArt.  I have put a wedding album together for my partner's daughter as a trial - 300 images into 110 pages.  Lovely.

I had been using Photoshop for putting together photobooks, from holidays, birthdays, etc, and, in general, it was taking about 10 pages an hour.

I was able to do 100 pages in 4 hours yesterday, including some false starts, and a couple of support 'calls' to PXLSoft.  They phoned me back within about 10 minutes, and answered my query fully.  I did discover a 'bug', but I found a workaround, so that was great. (For your interest, with a second monitor, the full selection of editing tools is not displayed (eg the black/white conversion icons).  But if you start it on the laptop screen, use it in editing mode, and then move it to the second monitor, it's quite happy.  It must be something to do with the way/timing that it picks up the screen resolution.)

I've now submitted the draft to Blurb for printing, but have no doubt that it will be more professional than I could have achieved with just CS4.  The built in masks are excellent, and once the PXLSoft chap told me how to convert the backgrounds into images that I could modify, I was a happy bunny.  I didn't use the templates much, as I found them a bit limiting.  I had more landscape shots than portrait, and a lot of the templates seem to have portrait frames.

Thanks again for the excellent service.

Kind Regards


My Reply:

Marilyn - Thanks for a great review.
I think all your limitations would be overcome by upgrading to Gold.
Best wishes - Daniel.

Other photographer's albums are all dull compared to what I present customers using dg Foto Art - that the pictures in my album just come alive. As an artist and photographer, your album design program offers me everything I had ever hoped for in the new world of digital photography.
B Allen, Wedding Photographer
PXLSOFT Dg Foto Art is the simplest of the software available for editing photos. After using this software my customers are happy and my business has been growing since then. The templates are very beautiful and the software does not require any prior knowledge of any other photo editing software. Value for money 10/10 Overall value 10/10
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From Reviewcentre

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