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Save 80%* on Ink and get Professional Quality Output  with Fotospeed CIS

buy pigment ink

This product range has been discontinued by us, so as to nable us to focus on paper, albums and frame mounts

Fotospeed's InkFlow Continuous Ink Supply Systemsbuy dye ink

The NEW Fotospeed InkFlow continuous ink supply system (CIS) is a specially designed cartridge with tubes attached to an external set of bottles that extracts ink from the refillable bottle set.

Fotospeed Inflow CIS System

Continuous ink systems (CIS) are a very cost effective way of delivering ink and are ideal when you have a heavy load of photographic printing.  Instead of purchasing individual cartridges which typically contain only 11-15ml of ink you install a range of cartridges which are connected by tubes to ink containers usually mounted externally to the printer.  


The ink containers are filled from ink bottles so replacement of cartridges is unnecessary. 


In addition to saving – in this example – 82% in ink costs there are additional benefits:


  • Improved efficiency – there is no need to change cartridges
  • More environmentally friendly – there are no used cartridges to discard
  •  No ink wastage – no residual ink in cartridges

Once the cartridges are installed you will only have to replenish the individual colour dye as required, rather than replacing a complete cartridge. With a regular cartridge, 25% of ink cannot be used and is thrown away wasting useful ink that you have paid for. If you have ever tried to open a cartridge that your printer has indicated is empty you will be amazed how much ink is not used; whereas the Fotospeed inflow system uses all the ink with no waste.

As the printer head travels back and forth, the tubing feeds the printer with the correct quantity of ink. The tubes are held in position with a bracket, keeping it out of the way of the moving printer head.

Installing this system is simple, as simple as replacing a regular cartridge. Monitoring your ink level is easy because you can see the reservoir, placing you in the unique position where you will never unknowingly run low or out of ink in the middle of a job.

This new system uses direct flow technology rather than the previous design of foam filled. This ink feeder is superbly made and offers fantastic value, using only the highest quality of materials and premium quality ink, no compromise has been made in the manufacture of this product.

This inkflow kit comes complete with ink head tubing bracket and all that is required for your printer with no hidden extras.

  • Fits most Epson inkjet printers

  • Simple to install
  • Latest direct flow technology
  • Saves over 80%
  • Highest quality ink
  • Vibrant colour
  • After sales service
  • ICC Profiles (free for use with Innova or Hahnemuhle paper)
  • Ink for your Fotospeed InkFlow CIS Systems

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