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  Learn Photoshop Now - A great video course for Photoshop users Learn Photshio Now

Learn Photoshop Now


To get the best albums, your photos need to be edited well.  Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements) is, of course, the most popular editor.  I believe that the best way to learn Photoshop is to see it in action - and these videos have consistently had the best reviews.  I recommend them.

And at $97 (£47 or €67) I think for all this material it is very good value for money. 

Bonus for those of us from the 'old country'  - David Peters is a (north country) Brit!


"Learn Photoshop Now" Offers Comprehensive Online Tutorial

Added: (Wed Jan 23 2008)

Dynamic and engaging, Learn Photoshop Now provides a comprehensive online tutorial to help users learn Adobe Photoshop.

Provided in layman’s terms, this tutorial is filled with tips, tricks and shortcuts to help students get the most out of their Adobe Photoshop. You can master basic tools and concepts within a two hour time frame however the entire series will provide even the most inexperienced of users with hours of study tips and exercises.

Learn Photoshop Now contains 14 different videos. The first two videos will teach students how to maneuver within the Photoshop Environment. After that, the videos quickly move the students into learning practical techniques that are used over and over when creating graphic designs. Learn how to paint and draw, how to work with images, how to retouch photographs and more!

Learn Photoshop Now is focused on providing students with the resources and tools they need through various supplemental resources. Other videos are also added (for Photoshop CS2 Updates) as part of the tutorial package. In a seven part video series, students will learn how to handle basic CS2 updates. Learn Photoshop Now also updates students through their informational power-packed blog. Sign up for an RSS feed to stay informed about the latest going on with Learn Photoshop Now.

New students will receive over $200 of special bonuses free as part of their purchase. Offering a bundle of software packages and e-books, some of the titles students will receive are a full PDF transcript of the videos, E-cover Magic, A Guide to Digital Photography, The Handy Color Schemer, Picture Gallery Maker and 86 Bonus Articles on Photoshop.

To add even more value to the Learn Photoshop Now learning system, it is backed by a 56 Day risk free guarantee. If students are not completely satisfied with their learning, they can get a 100% refund and keep the system for free. This is one of the most competitive product guarantees in the market!

David Peters is a well-established Adobe Photoshop Coach. He understands the needs and fears of new Photoshop users and has helped many people with his tutorial series. Also of proven value are his ongoing email updates which keep his students at the forefront of learning.


Here's EXACTLY what's covered in each video:

Video #1 - The Photoshop Environment

  • Introduction to the Photoshop workspace
  • About Palletes, the Toolbox and
    the Options bar
  • Saving Workspaces
  • Selecting a Foreground/Background color
  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Undoing mistakes

Video #2 - Making Selections

  • The selection tools
  • Feathering
  • Using the Select Modification commands
  • Selecting using color ranges
  • Quickmasking
  • Rulers and guides

Video #3 - Painting and Drawing

  • The Paintbrush tool
  • Editing brush parameters
  • The Pencil tool
  • The Eraser tool
  • The Magic Eraser and Background Eraser tools
  • Creating Paths
  • Creating Shapes

Video #4 - Changing the Image Size and Canvas Size

  • Image/Canvas concepts
  • Resizing the canvas
  • Rotating the canvas
  • Image resolution
  • Image resizing and resampling

Video #5 - Raster/Vector Images, Color Modes and Channels

  • Concepts of Raster images and
    Vector images
  • The 8 different color modes
  • The Channels palette
  • Working with Channels

Video #6 - Layers

  • Layer concepts
  • The layers palette
  • Creating layers
  • Linking layers
  • Aligning layers
  • Distributing layers
  • Locking layers
  • Blending modes

Video #7 - Creating Type

  • Point text and Paragraph concepts
  • The type tools
  • Editing text
  • The Character/Paragraph palette
  • Making text follow a path

Video #8 - Layer Effects

  • Layer effects and styles
  • The types of effects
  • Combining effects
  • Saving Layer Styles

Video #9 - Photo Retouching and Digital Enhancement

  • Removing blemishes using the heal, patch & clone stamp tool
  • Adjusting color and tonal balance
    using adjustment layers
  • Tinting and colorizing an image
  • Compositing images together
  • Applying filters
  • Tonal correction using the Dodge
    and Burn tools
  • Cropping an image

Video #10 - Saving Images

  • Saving images using the "Save" and "Save As" commands
  • File formats
  • Using the "Save for Web" feature

Videos #11 to #14 - Tips and Tricks

  • Removing Red-eye
  • Photo merging (manual and automated)
  • Lighting effects and colorizing using blending modes
  • Authentically framing a photograph



CS2 Update Video #1 - Bridge

CS2 Update Video #2 - Image Warp

CS2 Update Video #3 - Layers Refined

  • CS2 Update Video #4 - Lens Correction

CS2 Update Video #5 - "One Click" Red Eye Tool

CS2 Update Video #6 - Smart Objects

CS2 Update Video #7 - Spot Healing

Additional Videos For Photoshop CS3 Updates...

CS3 Update Video #1 - Auto Align

CS3 Update Video #2 - Auto Blend cmd

CS3 Update Video #3 - Black and White

CS3 Update Video #4 - New Blend Modes

CS3 Update Video #5 - Brightness + Contrast

CS3 Update Video #6 - Bridge CS3

CS3 Update Video #7 - Clone Source

CS3 Update Video #8 - Curves


CS3 Update Video #9 - CS3 Interface

CS3 Update Video #10 - Photomerge

CS3 Update Video #11 - Quick Select Tool

CS3 Update Video #12 - Refine Edges

CS3 Update Video #13 - Smart Filters



  If you want to see a short "introduction" which shows you exactly what each tuturial covers then simply click here - http://www.learnphotoshopnow.com/introduction/

...be sure to click on the "Click here to Continue" link to move through the quick intro.

(Note: This introduction has been made with no sound so the file loads quicker for you... please remember that all the actual videos DO have voice narration)




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