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INNOVA Art Archival and Photo Art Paper the Way You want It - €coRag too.

Innova Art Paper- The Leading Archival and Photo Art Paper the Way YOU want it.

Innova Art Paper- The Leading Archival and Photo Art Paper  the Way YOU want it.
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Innova Art Paper - the Way YOU want it! - Type, size, scoring, punching

A Unique Service for You from OPUSalbums.com

* Have your Innova paper cut to the size you want: 6x4, 8x5, 10x8 - panoramic - or even to the aspect ratio of your camera
* Have your Innova paper pre-scored for greeting cards or album pages

Select your Innva Art Paper Paper - the right paper - they way you want

But what is Innova Art Paper?

Innova Paper: Premium Digital Paper for Photography and Art

Innova Digital Fine Art Art PaperThe papers used in the OPUS Photo Art inkjet photo albums are exclusively manufactured by INNOVA Art Ltd - a leading UK based producer of high quality award winning papers for the highest quality digital printing.

The INNOVA range of coated Digital Fine Art and Photographic papers are all acid free archival quality materials made to exacting museum grade standards. All these papers have been developed to maintain the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists and photographers worldwide.

All INNOVA Digital Fine Art papers are specifically engineered for use with most modern dye and pigment based inkjet printers to produce age resistant, archival quality 'Giclée' fine art and photographic images. They all have great colour accuracy with a wide gamut. The Fibaprint has been voted the best digital photo papers for both colour and monochrome reproduction.

Innova FibaPrint(TM)

The highly acclaimed TIPA and DIMA award winning FibaPrint(TM) papers have unique coatings for photographic reproduction and high quality photo art print applications. The acid inhibiting crystal layer technology yields the perfect digital photographic paper with an extremely large colour gamut and D-max rating of up to 2.7.

# Innova Paper - FibaPrint White Matte 280 gsm
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint Semi Matte 300 gsm -
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint White Gloss 300gsm
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint Warmtone Gloss 300gsm
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss 285gsm
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint Baryta 310gsm
# Innova Paper - FibaPrint Semi Glazed - 285gsm

Innova Photo Art

Innova has developed the Photo Art Collection to allow the photographer the same consistency when producing their creative work, with accurate colour and the high impact expected from today's digital inkjet printer, on a true archival art paper. Unlike standard photographic media, we unite photography with the artistry of classical natural papers to provide creative freedom for photographers and digital artists alike.

# Innova Paper - Smooth Cotton High White 215gsm
# Double Sided Innova Paper - Smooth Cotton High White 225gsm
# Innova Paper - Smooth Cotton High White 315gsm
# Innova Paper - HEAVY WEIGHT Smooth Cotton High White 415gsm
# Innova Paper - Smooth Cotton Natural White 315gsm

# Innova Paper - Decor Textured Archival Poster Paper 210gsm
# Double Sided Innova Paper - Decor Textured Archival Poster Paper 220gsm



Innova Textured Fine Art Paper

TheInnova Fine Art Collection Innova Fine Art Collection of textured digital photographic papers offers a photographic artist an avenue to express creativity and beauty in the output by providing a wide range of papers, so you can match the artwork to the paper texture and weight. But it is not just for fine art. The soft textured papers make the paper ideal where the softer atmosphere is desired. It makes an excellent wedding photo paper, paper for glamour photography and the like. It will bring out the bride at her best.

# Innova Paper - Soft Textured Natural White 190gsm
# Double Sided Innova Paper - Soft Textured Natural White 200gsm
# Innova Paper - Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm
# Innova Paper - Soft Textured Natural White - 100% cooton 315gsm
# Innova Paper - Rough Textured Natural White 315gsm
# Innova Paper - Canvas Textile Paper 315gsm
# Innova Paper - Soft White Cotton 280gsm

INNOVA Paper is Available in Many Sizes

Traditional photo sizes 12x12", A6/6x4", 7x5", 8x5", 10x8", 14x11"
Panoramic Sizes - 16:9 and 3:! aspec ratio - 12x4"(30x10cm), 24x8"
Camera Aspect Ratio Sizes

INNOVA Paper is Available Scored or Punched

Scored for greeting cards or album pages
Punched for binding - 2,3 or 4 hole.

What others say about INNOVA Art Paper

‘I have never been so satisfied with the way my final images look and feel, nor how well the care and effort I put in is reflected in what appears on the paper. There’s no better place for your best images to end up [than Innova FibaPrintpaper].’ - Daniel Demolder - Technical Editor of Amateur Photographer magazine

"The prints retain the look and feel of a traditional darkroom fibre print – no longer are digital prints limited to the matte watercolour look. FibaPrint Gloss bridges the last major hurdle between traditional darkroom prints and digital photography." - David Osborne - Well known landscape photographer

"With the Introduction of ther Innova FibaPrint range I have a paper that I am completely satisfied with; the quality is just superb. The combination with the Epson Pro 4800 printer is in my opinion second to none. The paper oozes quality. All prints feel like traditional darkroom fibre print" - Steve Smith, London Salon Medal Winner

Note on Using the Configurator

This is intended for non standard sizes and folds.  Where a special action is required a works order has to be raised and the costs are considerable.  There is therefore a price premium for using this service.

Should you use it for standard products - such as unfolded A series, it is best to order the product directly.  If we notice that you have paid an unneccary premium we will of course refund the extra, but we cannot guanrantee to scruitinise all orders.  If you believe you have been charged a premium then please feel free to bring this to our attention.

We regret that for the time being perforation and punching is not available.

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