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Its Time to Upgrade to Dg Foto Art Now

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The Wedding Season is Coming - time to Get to Grips with Album Design

Dg Foto Art Gold costs $648 + Delivery in USA;  

From OPUSalbums.com  £207/€245/$334* to YOU  

FREE Delivery Worldwide!

Dg Foto Art Gold Essentia Reduced too!

Dear Daniel,

At last we are seeing signs of spring.  This means being ready for the wedding season.  Good album desgin is a key to your competitive position.  And as you know this measn Dg Foto Art.

Of course you may use a cut down version via one of the album making companies.  But there are big advantages of having it yourself.
dg foto art
  • You are not dependent on a single wedding album supplier.  You can choose that which suits you and your customer - and you can be more competitive.
  • You can print your own albums - as a supplier of paper, blank albums and greeting cards, binding systems and ink delivery systems we like that too!
  • You have the full editing and templating facilities.
  • You have access to hundreds of videos.
  • You can have a first class album ready within a few hours of a wedding - along with a professional looking slideshow.
  • Your own copyrighted work can be protected.

What professional photographers say about dg Foto Art:


Beautiful templates- The templates are very beautiful and the software does not require any prior knowledge of any other photo editing software.Dg Foto art Gold 


With DG Foto Art I have increased my profit margin TENFOLD!- With dg Foto Art I get more done, I sell more albums, but above all I can sell my albums at a 60% higher price compared with thePrint & Bind traditional one pictre per page design.  For more about Paul Callaghan's story click here


Powerful wedding photo album software.  The most comprehensive solution for creating fast & easy digital album pages. 


Great value"Worth every penny. What would take a day in Photoshop can be done in less than an hour with dg Foto Art.


Pictures come alive - Other photographer's albums are all dull compared to what I present customers using dg Foto Art.


Great Customer Service  -  absolutely the best customer support I have ever received. If I ever have a question, there is always somebody to talk with when I call. 


A truely awesome piece of kit.  Dg Foto Art digital album designer allows colour management, image manipulation, over 1000 templates. It's saved us hours. 

PXLSoft has recognised the need of customers to have a product they can easily afford. 



Reduced Prices on Dg Foto Art NOW 

So dg Foto Art Gold (Windows or Mac) has been reduced to £207.50 plus VAT   (£249 inc VAT) or approx €245 plus 20% UK if you are not registered or in the USA $334 - over $300 less than the US list price of $649.- AND you get FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE
And dg Foto Art Essentia has been cut from £84 to just £64.50 (or £77.40 inc VAT)- and we bundle a Pics Book Junior album cover set for FREE. Again with FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.

So Now is the time

If you wait to you are busy you will not have the time to familarise yourself with Dg Foto Art - especially if you are trying to make up your albums in Photoshop.

or you are not producing such good albums as other photographers in your area.
So I look forward to hearing from you - we have plenty of copies ready for you.

Kind Regards
Daniel Roberts
  - e-mail me!

Are you intersted in a PXLSoft Webinar - if so let me know.

Due to family pressures we were not at SWPP and may not be exhibiting at Focus.  But we still can arrange an individaul presentation.  Click here to arrange

Finally (and I will be writing more about this) - Are you producing Photobooks for profit and would you like to look at the Dg Foto Art Enterprise system - where you have complete control - and photographers and thier clients have thier own facilities?
Click here for more.

PPS - I am often asked whether at such a reduction our product is totally complete and supported.  I assure you it is - my personal guarantee - It is a specail pack with both the Windows and Mac disks, but to keep costs down the documentation is electronic - not hard copy.  This may be purchased separately.  If you have any doubts contact PXLSoft directly.

Dary's story We say dg Foto Art pays for itself in ONE WEDDING -how can you justify that?

Rather than taking my word read what others have done...

Photographer Gary increased his workflow efficiency by 700% - or put it another way - "What would take a day in Photoshop can be done in less than an hour with dg Foto Art."  - click here for more.
Nationally famous wedding photographer Paul Callaghan FIPPA FBIPP FSWPP QEPtold us that he increased his profits ten fold with Dg Foto Art.  He also gave a lot more ideas -read Paul's story here.
Why don't you do your own calculations to work out how much Dg Foto Art could be worth to you?

dg Foto Art  Why dg Foto Art?

You say "I have Photoshop".  I can do everything with CS.
Of course you can!  But you do not have access to the wonderful artistic templates which permit Dg Foto Art users to charge a substantial premium for their albums.
And you won't get the efficiency through using that program - developed by wedding photographers - who now supply album software solutions used by 2.5 million photographers worldwide.

dg foto art trialIf you have not had a chance to try dg Foto Art please click here NOW and we will rush you your free demo disk.

windows or macHere are some of dg Foto Art's features.

For a comparison between Gold and Esasentia please click here.

More than 1000 Ready to use Templates in Gold - 250 in Essentia
Huge library of Borders, Masks, Clipart, Backgrounds etc.

Stand-Alone Software
Customized Page size
Rearranging Template Pages in Sequence
Working on Multiple Pages
Import Pages from other projects*
Picture as background with Single Click
Instant Mask or Frame on any picture
Smallest Project size
Page Split option in Export
Resizing Pages in Album*
Save Favorite Photos*
Saving Customizable Templates* 
Center Fold Option*
Instant Swap Photos* 
Instant Flip Template  
Used Photo Indicator
Used Template Indication* 
Used Photo Indication in Import*
Auto Saving Pages
Graphic Format Supported BMP, JPEG, TIF, TARGA, GIF, PNG, MGF
Replicate Properties

Text Editing
Lasso Tool with Auto Feather
Ready Tones like B&W and SEPIA
Create & Save Own Tone*
PXL Editor-Levels, Curves, Color Correction* 
Built-in Magic Wand*

Enhancement Tool
Drop Shadows
Advanced Color Correction* 
Glow Effects*
Clone Stamp Tool for Touchup* 
Instant Rotation around X & Y axis* 
Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Sharpness
Ready Shapes   

Inbuilt Slide Show Generator
Inbuilt Picture Viewer (PXL Viewer)*
Instant Standard Format Converter * 
On Line Emailing (PXL Mailer) *
Inbuilt FTP Support (PXL FTP) * 
Inbuilt Index Printing (PXL ThumPrint) *

Customize DPI *

Alignment Options
Maximize Photo Gallery* 
Maximize Template Gallery* 
Customized Guide Lines*
Online Object Position indicator*

A really effective and responsive hotline open 24 hours a day 6 days a week - try it on +44(0) 8819 6828.

At least 127 videos to help you

Your personal one-on-one on-line telephone/computer consultation with one of PXLsoft's consultants even before you order - to book your Dg Foto Art personal consultation please click here.

and - my personal assistance and advice - daniel@opusalbums.com +44(0) 1634 291388 whenever you need it.
* Only on Gold - Windows/Mac 

dg foto art testimonial A few Testimonials

dg foto art testimonial .

dg foto art testimonial .

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