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Kodak endorses Photo Accordion

The OctOPUS blog – from OPUSalbums.com

Kodak will print photo accordions.  The following page came to my attention - I think it is a new service from Kodak in the US.

For details see http://www.kodakgallery.com/cards/graduation/2011-full-photo-accordion-fold-card/c-Cat140017-p-proCard25569520603-s-skuCard25569520603



2011 Full Photo Accordion Fold Card Layouts

kodak photo accordion

As you know we have been promoting the accordion for years. The big problme is that people have not been looking for it. You have to know it exists first.

Well you know - and you can tell your friends that you can print your own with ours


Opus albums photo accordion

Let's have your input

Kodaks pictues are 3.5x5"; our are credit card size. Made by Labelprint in France using their clac-and-clean innovation.  Whis is preferred?  Should we offer both?

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