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The Photo Accordion
So many uses!

ColorJet Photo accordion

We regret that this product has been withdrawn.  However if you have a need for this product we can make a special request on the manufactuer, Labelprint in France.

The amazing ColorJet Photo Accordion

- So versatile you wondered why you did not use them before! 

Photos - thank-you's - aide-mémoires - presentations - product guides -  conference agendas - and the ultimate business card too! 

Take a pre-cut A4 sheet, using a template provided, mount up to ten photos or text images with the help of Photosoft PC, fold along pre-scored edges, snap out the corners - and voilà!  So popular in France, this innovative product enables you to show off your favouritePhoto accordion layout photos, create reminders,  make thank-you notes, revision notes or lecture notes, present a product for sale or service or create quick reference guides.  Photo accordions are so handy for handbag or wallet.   When folded down the accordion is no bigger than a credit card, with crisp rounded corners too, thanks to the patented clac-&-clean design  - and so convenient for your wallet.   The Photo Accordion  must be the most versatile photo invention yet!  So easy to use!  So well designed and useful!  Try them out today.  


So many applications for Photo 4 Photo Accordions!

Granny’s (and Grandpa’s – or Mum/Dad/Auntie/Uncle’s) pride. 

Like the example, favourite shots of the grandchildren can be taken out and admired at any time.  What’s more Grandma can take a single double sided photo, tear it out along the perforations and give it to her friend.  (Then replace the accordion!)


Photo accordion to say thank-youBeen to a good dinner? – or whatever.  We’d like to think you would send a Print & Bind album.  If that’s over the top why not an accordion instead?  - Read more here

Aide mémoire? 

Revising for an exam, wanting to keep thoughts, your work-out schedule or those favourite verses from the Bible, assemble them into an accordion and have them handy all the time!

Lecture notes  Photo Accordion Presentation

Make a summary of the key points, Power point slides etc.  For yourself and/or for every participant.

Conference event summary

You get a pack of paper and a binder at a conference. You can never find where to go for the next event.  After coffee break you need something in your pocket to tell you - now go to breakout session on XYX in room 123.  -  The solution - a photo accordion of course - and there's a photo of the next speaker.

Product guide

Product description for photo accordionAfter a sales call, at an exhibition or business networking event, hand out accordions.  Update them regularly so they reflect the event and are always up-to-date.

Repair or software guide or code list

So compact - to be kept in your wallet, or slipped beside the product - no bigger than a credit card.

My Photo-Accordion 

The ULTIMATE business card.  E-mail me with your address - and I'll mail you mine!  - or read more here

And Photo Accordions are so easy to Produce

Drag and drop photos and text into a template, fold, and snap off the corners.  Click here for the full instructions.

Download the Labelprint Video - showing how to make and use ColorJet Creative Papers - Click here.

 Drag & drop the pictures and text using the Photosoft template - then print 

Pull the accordion off of the backing sheet 

Pull the accordion off of the backing sheet

Fold the Photo Accordion 
Fold the sheet over - it is pre-scored 

And it's finished!

Finished photo accordion

Click here to download ColorJet Photosoft PC, providing the templates to this - and other Photo4 Creative Paper products.

Choice of products

 There are currently two forrmats available - 10 photos per sheet (credit card sized) and 8 photos per sheet (vest pocket/ wallet/ purse or French ID-card sized).  For your 2008 calendars a calendar accordion is coming very soon. 


Keep watching this site for NEW Photo4 Creative Paper products!

The ColorJet Photo Accordion is the first of a range of creative paper products.  Keep watching this site for further product introductions.

Discounts available!

Remember that the price shown below is reduced if you are a member of the OPUS club or one of the camera or special interest clubs registered with us.  Prices exclude VAT and shipping.  Click on 'more information' under the prodcut below for more details.

Accordions are great!

I've printed some photo accordions.these are a great way of carrying favourite snaps and pictures of loved ones in your wallet.
Terry F
COLORJET PHOTOSOFTCOLORJET PHOTOSOFTTo use Colorjet Creative Papers you need to download ColorJet Photosoft. This gives templates and drag-and-drop.
THE LABELPRINT VIDEOTHE LABELPRINT VIDEOTo get the best value from our photos you should donloadLabelprint's video. It shows the range and how easy it is to use the various designs using ColorJet PhotoSoft.

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