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Photo4 Photo Accordion - Instructions

Photo4 Photo Accordion Schematic

Download Photosoft PC from this site to select the right template (from all the products that we are and will be offering from an incredible French manufactuer).

Click on the pink tab - CD, then POCKETS.

Click on one of the blue picture areas.  And select the picture from your directory.  If you want text click on the "T" button and open up a text box. ten of your favourite photos or text and photo on to the template.

Repeat this for each of the pictures.

To duplicate click on the button with "1->[][][][]"
Adjust, select 'premium glossy paper' then print. (Suggest you print on to plain paper first!).

Take the printed sheet – place it on a flat surface, fold along the centre, then fold the individual photos into an accordion.  Then snap out the corners to make a smart rounded corner to each photo.  The result – a double side printed photo accordion for your pocket, wallet or handbag.

It looks like a professional job – but you’ve done it on your inkjet printer at home.

The full description is in the document "Photosoft PC help.pdf - download here.  This covers all of the products in the Photo4 Creative Papers range.

For a PDF of the Schematic above, click here.

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