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The Pics Book - more than a Photo Book

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New - sneak preview

OPUSalbums Pics Book Total Photo Book Solutions - Based on the Unibindthermal book binding system



With ordinary Photobooks you get what you're given.  With the OPUS Pics Book you are in control!

The OPUSalbums.com Pics Book package gives you total control over your album making process - the choice of cover or binding  paper and software is yours.  But OPUSalbums.com has brought together the strengths of fantastic ranges of products to give you an unequalled offering in the design and production of really effective photo books.

OPUSalbums pics book***   The Unibind Thermal book binding machines and covers.  

***   Innova and Olmec Papers

***    Software to make it all happen - dg Foto Art or the MyBook Album Generator 

   -  all in one package from OPUSalbums.com! 

And you're ready to produce wonderful, memorable and presentable albums - all your own work!  

Indeed, use the OPUS Pics Book  for your photos - your holiday record - a wedding or a record of your interest - sport, family history, architecture, wildlife - or whatever business document.  In buiness use the OPUS Pics Book for product presentations, portfolios, proposals or even guides.  In fact it does not even have to be a 'picture' book! 


If you don't have the amount of binding to justify the modest investment in your machine you can use the OPUS Pics Book Jr  - photobooks which look just like the OPUS Pics Book - but with an invisible staple binding - all you need is a stapler!.  For more go 

Photo Art  Pics Book Junior

 Prefer an album with replaceable pages we have the OPUS Photo Art album - similar quality pages - same double sided papers - but with pole system binding - no machine is necessary.  For more information click here.

Start with a Unibind  Binding Machine 

docustyleThe OPUSalbums Pics Book  uses the Unibind range of binding systems and covers.  In your home, studio or office you can produce fully steel bound volumes. To get started you need a very easy-to-use flexible and reliable binding machine.  Our entry level model is the Unibind Docustyle.  This is ideal for home use.  Professional photographers and offices will want a more A3-capable advanced model - Unibind Photobook Creator - .    Details of larger capacilty high function binding systems from Unibind are available on request.  

Using a Unibind binding system is so easy:

  How to bind with OPUS Unibind

 1 - Insert your pages into the Pics Book , photo book, report or other document cover.  

2 - Place the cover binding machine heating element.

3 -  When the green light comes on transfer to the cooling tray*

The result is a perfectly bound album book.   


    Click here for more about the Unibind Binding Machine range

* The Docustyle does not have a cooling tray - just place the document in a suitable place for a few minutes.





Select the Unibindcover from a wide range.

Unibind coversUnibind Photobook covers as used in the OPUSalbums Pics Book  have a very strong steel-binding spine, giving you a high quality bind on all of your documents. Because the spine is steel, however, the document will not be able to be folded flat or to wrap around when opened. 

Select from a wide range of colours, sizes in both landscape and portrait.

The Pics Book Photobook cover range  

  • Five sizes  -  A5 - A4 (landscape) - A4 (portrait) - 12x12"/30x30cm -  A3
  • Five colours, five binding widths,  optional four windows, optional metal corners, optional personalisation
  • Ideal for coffee table books, porfolios, event mementos, family albums  - For more click here

Leather look hard cover binding

  • unibind steel bookFour sizes, 11 binding widths, 14 colours 
  • For reports and short run books as well as photo books -
  • Ideal for hoigh ticket sales proposals, year books, prospectuses, consulting reports, short run books.  Even presentation notebooks.                            - For more click here

unibind steel crystalTransparent Acetate Covers

  • Steel crystal and steel matte - for reports, qultations, guides, and other formal documents.
  • 3 sizes, 12 binding widths                                               For more click here

For flexibilty - Self Assembly binders and separate cover-sets

self assembly binding

With the Unibind Steel Back bindings you can make up your own cover.  Use our hard or transparent cover sets or use your own.

For more about the Steel back bindings and cover sets click here

And to hold your finished album and give it the added value - the Pics Book Presentaion Box

Click here for more about the cover range

Add a logo or subject to your covers through our personalisation service



Then choose your Paper - Innova or Olmec of course  

innova paperYou can use whatever paper you choose* in the Pics Book - but OPUSalbums recommends Innova or Olmec.

OPUSalbums.com's association with Innova Art means that you can select from a wide range of professional digital photographic papers, digital art papers, and high quality consumer photo-glossy papers.

*some glossy papes do not hold to the binding 

    Professional Digital Photographic Papers

In the selected size A5, A4, 12x12 and A3

  • Fibaprint ultra gloss (IFA49) 
  • Fibaprint semi matt (IFA29)
  • Fibaprint warm tone gloss (IFA19) 
  • Digital Photo Art Papers

  • Smooth cotton high white (IFA04, 05 and 14)
  • Smooth cotton natural white (IFA11) 
  • Soft textured natural white (IFA06, 07 amd 12)
  • Rough texture (IFA13)

    Premium Inkjet Photo Paper  

  • Olmec single sided photo-glossy (OLM60, 63)
  • Olmec double sided photoglossy (OLM65)
  • Olmec single sided photo satin (OLM61, 64)
  • Olmec doube sided matte*

      For the full range of Innova Art and OLMEC Papers please click here.

      And don't forget our range of Album Design Software!

      Have a good look at our easy-to-use powerful software to make your OPUSalbums Pics Book albums distinctive

  • PXLSOft's dg Foto Art - the standard for wedding and other celebratory albums - 'Essentia' and 'Gold'/'Gold Mac' versions
  • ACD Fotoslate4 - ideal for general purpose use - family, holidays etc
  • MyBook Photo Album Generator - quick, easy and FREE to Pics Book users
  • Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory - for digital scrapbooking 

      • Do you need a Unibind  binding machine?                                  - Click here if yes.
        Do you want to buy covers - or have you got enough>                            - Click here if yes
        Do you want to go straight to the paper range?                                       - Click here if yes
        Or are you just looking at software for the OPUSalbums Pics Book?    - Click here then
        -  or look at the whole OPUS Pics Book story again                    - Click here 
    • So - go straight to the right page now of your OPUSalbums Pics Book range!

For a guide to laying out your OPUSalbums Pics Book please click here.
 Photo Paper How You Want it Cards & Frame Mounts Print your own Albums Album Design Software
Innova Paper Innova Fibaprint Paper Olmec paper hahnemuhle paper Olmec paper rolls £ OPUSalbums greeting cards   Jetmaster Framing Kit OPUS Photo Art Albums OPUSalbums.com Print & Bind Permanent Bound Pics Book Jr Unibind 
Thermal Binding Dg Foto Art Album 
Design Suite Album Design 4 - Photoshop add-in

Innova Professional Fine-Art and Photo Art Paper Textured, smooth cotton, décor and canvas archival

Innova FibaPrint Professional Paper

Gloss, matte semi-glosss, glazed, baryta high-gamut archival

 OLMEC Premium Digital Photo Paper

Professionals' choice - gloss satin matte and archival matte

muhle Fine Art Papers

 Photo rag & fine art ranges

Innova & Olmec Wide Format Paper and Canvas

13 to 60 inch roll

Photo Paper Bargains

The same quality end-of-line etc

OPUSalbums Greeting Cards, Post Cards etc

Paper for YOUR application - home and business

Jetmaster Gallery Wrap

 Your choice of paper or canvas - its easy

OPUS PhotoArt

Ideal coffee table kit


The everyday print-your-own album kit

Pics Book Jr

Permanent Bound Book kits - no investment


Esy Thermal Binding kits

Dg Foto Art

Mandatory Wedding and Photo Book Design

Album Design 5

Phtoshop add-in Design Tool

OPUSalbums.com is the definitive web supplier of everything you need to print your own photo albums, prints and displays. 
We don't advertise - We don't run shows - so we can give you MORE help, MORE products and MORE solutions, LESS expensively GUARANTEED!
. - Including our UNIQUE Service "Photo Paper how You want it"  READ ON ...

Unibind Binding System
Pics Book/Unibind Binding MachinesTo make Pics Books and Photobooks you need a very easy-to-use flexible and reliable binding machine. OPUSalbums offers those machines designed for use in homes, phtographic studios and small offices. The two models that we promote are the Unibind Docustyle and the Unibind PhotoBook creator.
Pics Book/Unibind Covers
Pics Book PersonalisationWhy not have your name, address, logo, tel no and website embossed in silver or gold on the back of your Pics Books? Doing a series of Photobooks - doing a serious presentation, report or proposal? - then you should have your photobooks personalised.
Pics - Innova PaperWith Innova photobook paper you can be assured of the best print quality and widest gamut in each class of archival, digital photographic and digital art papers. For less demanding applications Innova has recently taken over the distribution of ICI Imagedata's OLMEC papers - some of the finest photo-glossy and photo-satin offerings on the market.
Pics - SoftwareEasy-to-use powerful software tools to make your OPUSalbums Pics Book albums distinctive PXLSOft's dg Foto Art - the standard for wedding and other celebratory albums - 'Essentia' and 'Gold'/'Gold Mac' versions ACD Fotoslate4 - ideal for general purpose use - family, holidays etc Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory - for digital scrapbooking
A5 Pics Books
Covers for FellowesUnibind offers a much wider range of covers compared with Fellowes. Covers such as the Photo Book, Hard Book cover and the self assembly Steel Back ranges are available
Pics Book- Unibind Photobook CoversUnibind Photobook covers as used in the OPUSalbums Pics Book have a very strong steel-binding spine, giving you a high quality bind on all of your documents. Because the spine is steel, however, the document will not be able to be folded flat or to wrap around when opened.
Unibind Hard Book Book Covers
Unibind Transparent Foil Covers
Unibind Self Assembly
Pics Covers Singles
Unibind Cover ConfiguratorThe quick easy way to order OPUS Pics Book or UNIBIND Covers - at a good price too! Configure your own Covers... Select your cover size... Select the colour/finish ... Select the binding width .. Select the viewing window - no charge for this! metal corners in gold, black, nickel, gun metal or copper - FREE! Order this way and your covers w