MyBook Photo Album
MyBook Photo Album

Make your own photo albums

Firm and durable binding, protecting your photos whilst giving them a professional and sophisticated look. Binding up to 20 sheets, the MyBook album is perfect for an endless variety of applications, including weddings, holidays, newborns, guest books, photo portfolios, business presentations and many, many more.

Follow these four simple steps:

- Print your A4 landscape book photo on any type of paper.
- Staple your photos within the included end sheets.
- Place your photos in the MyBook cover.
- Enclosed self-adhesive strips conceal the staples.

Please note, the prices listed below are exclusive of VAT. An additional 20% charge will be added at checkout. For any queries regarding the MyBook Photo Albums, please feel free to give us a call on 0845 277 5555.

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