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A great way to say 'thank-you' for a friend's hospitality

The OctOPUS blog – from OPUSalbums.com 

How to say ‘thank-you’ 

You are invited to a party – or other social event, where the host has put a lot into it.  You have taken your camera and have a good number of shots of the event, the people and the atmosphere.


Now you want to say ‘thank-you’ – you might also want to give something to new (and old) friends to remember the occasion by.

Print & Bind album to say 'Thank you'  With an OPUS Print&Bind album 

If you have 30-90 pictures – or thereabouts – worth printing and showing then the Print & Bind album is ideal. 


Lay our your album – there is a good guide to doing this at www.opusalbums.com/partytime .


Then print your Print&Bind album –

Cost (depending on whether you are an OPUS Club/Photo Club member), and whether you bought your albums singly or in packs of 5 – from £6-£9.95 inc VAT – plus say £1.50 for the ink.  Not expensive – and it will take you about an hour.


Hint – when mailing a Print&Bind – use a Size 5 Jiffy Bag.  But fold back the loose pieces of the bag and stick down with Sellotape.  That will ensure that your album gets classed as a ‘large letter’ rather than a ‘packet’ for mailing charge purposes.  If you order a single P&B or PhotoArt album from us that is how we send it.  (In fact if you order two it is cheaper for us to send in two separate bags.)

 With a Photo Accordion 

Accordion to say 'Thank you'This is quicker and less expensive to produce and mail (about 75p including ink).  Ideal if you want to send out multiple souvenirs.

Take 8 or 10 pictures and using the Photosoft templates drop them into postion.  Add some text.  If you look at our site - www.opusalbums.com/photoaccordion you will see the way it is done – in fact a thank-you card to Gary & Lorraine who we visited in Wheaton Il in the summer.


Please let me have your thoughts.

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