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Choose the Best Album Solution


Doing A Wedding? - The Right Print-your-own Album For YOU

Choose the right albums

If you are producing an album for your own coffee table – or that of the close relatives then the OPUS PhotoArt range is unquestionably the best.  It uses the award winning Innova digital art archival acid-free fourdrinier paper.  With pigmented inks and kept in normal atmospheric conditions in  a cupboard, it should last indefinitely with minimal colour degradation. You have a choice of sizes and paper textures.

2 albums

For size you can have A4 (the most popular), A3, 12x12in (30x30cm) and 8x8in (20x20cm).

For texture there is a choice of:

  • Soft texture natural white – for a soft ‘arty’ feel
  • Smooth cotton high white – for brilliance and clarity 

There is no ‘best’ – it is a question of taste.  I prefer the textured paper; my wife prefers the high white.  They cost the same.

 If you want to produce a number of albums – e.g. for all the guests – then the less expensive, but quite serviceable OPUSalbums.com Print&Bind using high quality photo-glossy paper is recommended - or you can choose your own paper and have a permanent looking book with the Pics Book Jr. - based on the Unibind MyBook.  All you need is a heavy duty stapler. 

Hahnemuehle photo album

 If you want the top quality leather bound albums then an external service is our recommendation.  (If you use dg Foto Art many suppliers accept this format – we are forging relations with them)  There is one print-your-own album available with leather covers and protection sheets between each page.  This is the Hahemuehle Leather Luxury Photo Album - available in A4, A3 and 12x12"(30x30cm).  The paper is the 276gsm Photo Rag Duo - similar to Innova's smooth cotton high white, but a bit heavier.

Finally if you need to print Photobooks regualrly especially if they lend themselves to permanent binding then you should invest in a thermal binding machine.  Unibind with its steel strip spine, and its unparallelled range of covers is clearly the winner and we are proud to be one of thier distribution parnters.  We call the range - binding machines, covers, paper and software, the Pics Book range.  Read more about it .

Some might say "Do I need an album at all?"  Well you can print on ordinary photo-glossy paper and put in a binder.  You can have ordinary

Pics Book

6x4”(15x10cm) prints and put them in a album with pockets.  We believe our solutions are the most satisfying.



Print-your-own Photo Album, Scrapbook or Photo Book 

Which Album is Best for You?
  Attractive - easy - inexpensive -your NEW standard

Print & Bind Print & Bind print-your-own inkjet albums are ideal for holidays, weddings, parties,  or any family or social events. All you need is an inkjet printer

 Replaceable Pages
Quality Photoglossy Paper
Plastic cover
Amateur use


opus photo art album Photo Art Albums Complete Print-your-own Album Kits for the Pro and the Serious Amateur  

   Double sided archival paper- soft textured or OPUS Photo Art Presentation Albumssmooth white cotton from A4, A3, 12x12 Print & Bind& 8x8 in elegant museum board covers. 

Replaceable Pages
Archival Photo Art Paper
Museum Board Covers
Professional & Amateur use


  Pics Book - Thermally bound photo books with that 'professional look'
Pics BookIf you are making albums  regularly you cannot beat the Pics BookPrint & Bind - permanent steel bound books with  wide range of covers and paper - all using the  binding System - for photo albums, reports and books.

The OPUSalbums Pics Book is based on the

Unibind  thermal binding system.

Permanent Bound Pages
Choice of Paper - Digital Photo, Professional Photo and Photo Art Paper
Photobook, Hard or Acetate Covers
Professional & Amateur Use

opus photo art albumnew flexalbum



OPUS FlexAlbum-

Flexible album






An elegant , hard cover album - with replaceable sheets - but expandable to 50 sheets - and you can choose whatever paper suits you.  We can provide the paper ready punched under our photo-paper-how -you-want-it planFlexakbum album covers



 The Ultimate Qualiity Home or Studio Printed Album

 Hahnemuehle photo albumHahemuehle Leather Luxury Photo Album - available in A4, A3 and 12x12"(30x30cm).  The paper is the 276gsm Photo Rag Duo - with similar to Innova's smooth cotton high white, but a bit heavier. With interleaf protectors. Flexakbum album covers


Pics Book Jr - A hard board bound Photo Book Kit with no special equipment required.


And Pics Book Jr - A Professional looking Permanently bound Photobook Kit - witout permanently bound albums - like Pics Book - BUT all you need is a stapler!  And you can choose the paper you want.  Based on the Unibind MyBook.Pics Book Jr

Just a Few of Our Print-your-own Albums

Pics Book Junior A4 - Permanent Photo Book Binding -  - Hard Cover - Textured ChampagnePics Book Junior A4 - Permanent Photo Book Binding - - Hard Cover - Textured Champagne

Pics Book Jr - A4 Unibind MyBook Cover - A4 Textured Champagne/Suede Effect - Choice of Paper

Pics Book Junior employs Unibind's Staple SteelBinding system is the perfect solution for binding PhotoBooks at home.You simply need to bind your photos with your stapler, then place the bundle in one of our Staple SteelBinding PhotoBooks. Enclosed self-adhesive strips conceal the staples, so your album is bound in no time and is professionally displayed.

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